Changes have been made to rules due to new insurance requirements. Please read the sections that pertain to your entry carefully. Thank you.

General Parade Rules: Assemble and line-up begin at 9:45 am. Judging begins at 10:00 am. The parade begins at 11:00 am. Parade check in is on Jefferson and the line-up goes south on Maple in Bingen. The parade will head west on SR 14 to Walnut, go north to the park and disperse.

On arrival, follow signs to the check-in table where you will be given your parade number & position. Please display the number where it can be easily seen by the announcer.

No person under 18 will be allowed in the parade without an application signed by his/her guardian. The exception to this rule is if the person is in a group or organization and under their leadership and responsibility.

All participants riding on floats must be anchored/seated on the float and using handholds while the float is in motion.

Alcoholic beverages are forbidden on any float, in any vehicle, or on the person of any participant. A person consuming alcohol prior to parade start will not be permitted in the parade.

Maintain at least 100 feet between your entry and the one in front of you. Keep moving forward unless acknowledging the announcer, allowing room if an emergency should occur or waiting for others.

For safety reasons, parade participants may not throw candy or any other article out onto the street or to spectators along the parade route. Nothing may be tossed or handed out which might require or tempt spectators to move into the street to retrieve. Walkers may accompany the entry & hand out appropriate items directly to spectators. Officials will promptly remove an entry or person ignoring this rule from the parade.

Insurance Requirements: All floats, motorized vehicles, and equestrian entries MUST have their own insurance and provide proof of insurance (copy) with the application.

Car clubs & private vehicles may submit their private insurance card for vehicle liability insurance in lieu of a certificate of insurance.

All equestrian units MUST provide proof of insurance for bodily injury and property damage with combined single limits of $50,000.00. A copy of insurance card or declarations page of homeowner’s comprehensive personal liability insurance is all that is required. We MUST have evidence of your insurance in our possession setting forth the limits of liability provided and name of your insurance company BEFORE we can accept your entry into the parade.

Horse / Animal: Each rider or group must have its own clean-up unit. Each group or individual is responsible for leaving the areas they use as clean as they found it. Any rider showing an inability to control their animal will be removed from the Huck Fest Parade by the Bingen White Salmon Police Dept or Parade Officials. Each rider or group needs to show proof of insurance.

Dogs need to be on a leash & accompanied by their owner if participating in the parade.